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Alexandra burke hallelujah single


    Alexandra Burke - Bad Boys Alexandra Burke - Broken Heels Alexandra Burke - All Night Long Alexandra Burke - Start Without You Alexandra Burke - Silence Beschreibung Beschreibung Alexandra Burke's winning of 's X-Factor competition instantly made the young starlet a household name, thanks to her immaculate cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah.

    alexandra burke hallelujah single

    The two ladies' equally spectacular voices and ranges were all too alexandra alexandra burke hallelujah single hallelujah single. However, post X-Factor, it's clear that Simon Cowell, the masthead to both of their lucrative careers, is doing a terrific job of musically distinguishing the two up-and-coming divas; Lewis' debut, Spirit, was poised and perfected, much in the vein of Celine Dion.

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    Contrarily, Burke's debut album, Overcome, seems to pull away from much of the preppy glamour that comes with Lewis' overreaching ballads. Burke's debut is brimming with a vocal charm and characterization that Lewis' releases lack.

    In other words, if Lewis is Dion, Burke untereinander kennenlernen Whitney Houston; an equally compelling vocalist whose imperfections are masked by the kind of charisma that alexandra burke hallelujah single crave.

    Alongside a team of A-List producers who came with an A-List price tagBurke delivers a bold and brazen soul-pop album that's so perfected that a quarter could bounce of the shine of the final product.

    alexandra burke hallelujah single

    Not to mention, there is more than one track that seems to be stuck in the footsteps of pop groups like Girls Aloud or Sugababes; not necessarily in a bad way, but "Dumb" and "Nothing But the Girl" only perfect the electro-pop formula, they don't glorify it.

    However, the album is more than saved by some of the best ballads that any new-millennium diva has ever released: "The Silence," a storming, RedOne-produced number, is easily one of the most engaging vocals any singer has recorded for pop radio alexandra burke hallelujah single, including "Bleeding Love" in quite some time.

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    Other songs like "Gotta Go," "They Don't Know," and "Overcome" vary in level of formula and appeal, but all have the chops necessary to sell them. Not to mention, the album is laden with cross-Atlantic appeal.

    alexandra burke hallelujah single singles freital

    The album's lead single, "Bad Boys," is the most brilliant, perfect alexandra burke hallelujah single pop single of ; its thrashing, synthesized beat and alexandra burke hallelujah single chorus make Burke the prime U. The album has the aforementioned charisma all the way through ironically, see "All Night Long"and Burke's bombastic voice is to be applauded -- not many soulful, booming types like her can even think of true mainstream pop success inbut she stands a real chance.

    alexandra burke hallelujah single

    Songs like "Bad Boys" or "It's Over" -- a beautiful, midtempo pop tune probably best geared of all the songs for radio, even as a bonus track -- present a real vocalist who delivers phenomenally while being supported by modern-day beats and hooks.

    While this album is sometimes too generic and polished for its own good, it is the first record in years that offers us a vocalist like Christina Aguilera who can compete with the present-day Auto-Tuned Britney Spears of the world, and that in alexandra burke hallelujah single makes Burke's debut a hit.

    Melden There are not many music contestants that make it big in the harsh pop world. By when Alexandra won X Factor the majority of the UK general public were no longer interested in underdogs winning a possibly rigged game show. Alas all of the grannies and little girls alexandra burke hallelujah single watched the show gathered around and bought the only CD single they would buy that year. And to great effect as it did reach 1. What I don't like about this is that firstly it gives a false impression of how easy it may be to make a hit pop single to the winner I've only been on the earth just over 20 years and I can tell you it isn't easy!