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Tune into the live stream! Tuesday, 2 Oct This article provides an overview over the most important changes for both business users and technical users.

single taken who cares im awesome meaning in hindi

Introduction TYPO3 has always been known to be technically mature, robust, secure, and jam-packed with amazing singles neustadt features.

The newest major release of TYPO3 comes with countless new highlights and shows once again that the well-known content management system is well-positioned at the forefront of the open source software development.

The new LTS version offers enhanced usability features in the backend the administration interfaceupgraded end-user security and privacy e.

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In the past four weeks - the stabilization phase between the last intermediate version 9. This article summarizes the major changes of all 9.

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Typically this is based on the page title, e. Languages are taken into account by TYPO3, too and speaking URLs are generated everywhere: in the frontend, in preview links in the backend, etc.

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This is also an important feature for search engine optimization, which brings us straight to the next awesome improvement in TYPO3 v9 LTS. Search Engine Optimization SEO SEO properties for a page Good practise SEO should not depend on third-party extensions, but should be offered by the core system, together with the option for developers to extend the standard features as required.

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It contains the most important options to instruct search engines how to index a page and also lets backend users insert information like Open Graph data. This protocol is supported by all modern social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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TYPO3 can also generate XML sitemaps out of the box now, with the possibility to render different sitemaps per site and language. Integrators can fine-tune many aspects with comprehensive configuration options and sitemaps for specific records can even be generated, e.

One advantage of this approach is that it prevents search engines from penalising sites due to duplicate single taken who cares im awesome meaning in hindi.

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A new Page Title API allows integrators and developers to control exactly how the page title gets displayed. A multi-step fallback concept has been implemented that takes single taken who cares im awesome meaning in hindi possible configuration options into account.

For example, titles set by third-party extensions, specific SEO titles provided by editors or titles without any specific configuration in the page properties, which then use the page name as the title tag in the frontend. Extension developers can build their own solution to set the page title by using the API, which only requires a few lines of PHP code.

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Site Management The Site Management module provides one central place where integrators and site administrators can view and manage all aspects of their sites. This includes a number of options for website languages, human-readable and SEO-friendly URLs, website entry points, and general settings Redirects Functionality Redirects overview Redirects details A further submodule named "Redirects" has been added to configure redirects.


These can be limited to a specific domain and the HTTP response code can easily be configured. The source path can be enabled to be represented as a regular expression and a redirect to HTTPS can be enforced.

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Page Tree Performance optimization and the leverage of modern web technologies has always been on our agenda. An incredibly easy-to-use page tree, which is now based on SVGs and has superfast rendering times, lets users create, rename, move, and delete pages in a breeze.

Modal Popups Nowadays, modal popups are the first choice for modern user interfaces.

Speaking URLs Out of the Box

TYPO3 now uses this design pattern consistently in the backend to provide a smooth and non-interruptive interaction with the system when a user interaction is required. This child window requires users to interact with it before they can return to operating the parent application.

In TYPO3 it now appears e.

I wanted to speak up fast in support of the Italians, because once a decision like that is made and implemented, the Wikimedia Foundation needs to act fast. Otherwise the editors might be anxious and unsure of their ground, and we wanted them to feel supported. Also, if we did not speak up in support, it would have hurt their cause.

Further Improvements Images are now rotated automatically when uploaded, based on their orientation stored in the EXIF metadata of the image. Thumbnail images are now loaded asynchronously e. In debug mode, the field name of every FormEngine field is shown to admin users in the backend.

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This makes the process of configuring access rights much easier, because the same field names appear when backend users or user groups are configured. To describe all changes and improvements of the TYPO3 backend would go beyond the scope of this article.

System Maintenance Area.

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