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For your safety! Never look at the mark single swarovski with the binocular!

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This leads to injury of your eyes! Never look through the binocular when walking!

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You could encounter obstacles! General information Please protect your binoculars from jolts and jars.

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Repairs should be carried out only by authorized workshops. This is your personal interpupillary distance. The twist-in eye cup is in normal position.

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The twist-in eye cups must be screwed down clockwise until the lower end position. Close your right eye and turn the focusing knob to the right until an observed object is sharply focused. Then close your left eye and view the same object with your right eye.

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Now turn the dioptric adjustment knob to the right until the object is also sharply focused in the right half of the binocular. This completes dioptric mark single swarovski single swarovski. In future it suffices to set the dioptric adjustment knob at this mark.

mark single swarovski

When cleaning the lenses, first remove larger particles with an optical lens brush. Mark single swarovski the subsequent thorough cleaning we recommend breathing onto the lens surface mark single swarovski form a coat of condensation and then cleaning it with a soft, moist cloth.

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In the event of hard-to-remove dirt e. Focusing By turning the focusing knob you can have a sharp image of any object at a distance of 4 m 8x20 B or 5 m 10x25 B to infinity.

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Maintenance and Care Lens-cleaning cloth You can clean high sensitive lens surfaces with the enclosed special cloth made of micro-fibres.

It is suitable for objective lens, ocular lens and eye-glasses. Please keep the cloth clean, as dirt can damage the lens surface.

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If the cloth gets dirty, it can be washed in luke-warm soapy water and air-dried. Please use it exclusively for cleaning lens surfaces! Cleaning We have designed all elements and surfaces to require little care.

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To ensure the long-lasting optical brilliance of your binocular, you should keep the glass surfaces free of dirt, oil and grease. If the instrument is wet, it must be dried prior to storage. In tropical regions or regions with a high degree of humidity the best place mark single swarovski store the instrument in is an air-tight receptacle along with a moisture-absorbing agent e.

mark single swarovski

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