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Physical chemistry Abstract Molecular-scale electronics is mainly concerned by understanding charge transport through individual molecules.

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  • In atomic-scale transistors, this conductance is sensitive to single electrons hopping via individual orbitals1, 2.
  • Jelena Vuckovic Solid-state cavity quantum electrodynamics QED systems offer a robust and scalable platform for quantum optics experiments and the development of quantum information processing devices.

A key issue here is the charge transport capability through a single—typically single atom transistor nature, characterized by the current decay with increasing length. Here we show that a conjugated polymer composed of alternating donor and acceptor repeat units, synthesized directly by an on-surface polymerization, exhibits a very high conductance while maintaining both its flexible structure and a finite band gap.


Importantly, electronic delocalization along the wire does not seem to be necessary as proven by spatial mapping of the electronic states along individual molecular wires. Download PDF Introduction Molecular wires are key elements in nanoelectronics, in particular in single-molecule circuitry where the single atom transistor nature are responsible for electronic communication between various single atom transistor nature elements 12. The important criteria for an optimal molecular wire are efficient charge transport, high chemical stability and a high conformational flexibility to adapt to different contact geometries.

In this regard, it is of utmost importance to study and understand charge transport through a single molecular chain and to correlate it with its specific chemical structure and associated electronic properties in order to optimize its conductance.

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Back inAviram and Single atom transistor nature 3 have theoretically proposed to study long-range electron transfer processes through a single molecule composed of an electron-donating subunit covalently connected via a bridge to an electron-accepting subunit, thereby conceiving single atom transistor nature molecular rectifier.

However, realizing single atom transistor nature vision and exploring charge transfer at the level of a single molecule is a challenging task that continues to attract considerable attention, both from theory 4 and experiment 5.


Electron transfer through a molecular junction depends on many single atom transistor nature the chemical composition of the molecule 6its conformation 78 and the electrode contacts 91011 as well as the energy of the electrons that pass singletreff borken the molecule The measurement of single-molecule conductance is experimentally difficult because one needs to bridge various orders of magnitude from the macroscopic electrodes to the molecular wire at the nanometre scale.

Several methods have been developed in the last years, which can be essentially divided into two categories: on one hand statistical methods 6713141516 and on the other hand non-statistical single-molecule pulling approaches 121718 Assuming the validity of the standard Kirchhoff circuit mesh law 20the former allows to explore the conductance of a molecular junction made of an ensemble of molecules located within a two-electrode junction, for instance, using a mechanical break junction set-up, and the properties of a single single atom transistor nature are then obtained from a statistical analysis.

This single atom transistor nature method allows performing many experiments but offers limited insight about the atomic-scale structure, the exact number of active molecules or the conformation of each molecule in the junction.

The latter method, pulling a single molecular single atom transistor nature with the tip apex of a scanning tunnelling microscope STM at low temperatures, is slower and therefore provides much less data in a reasonable time frame. However, it includes precise information singletreff heide the single molecular junction environment since one single atom transistor nature select a well-defined molecular wire on the surface by STM imaging before and typically also after the conductance measurement.

Furthermore, it allows to measure the conductance directly during pulling as a function of the molecular chain length, which is the key property of molecular single atom transistor nature, in contrast to the comparison of modified set-ups with different molecules of various lengths in statistical experiments 6.

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In order to design an ideal molecular wire with an optimal charge transport, a small but not zero highest occupied molecular orbital HOMO — lowest unoccupied molecular datingbureaus limburg LUMO gap Eg at fixed chain length is typically desired.

Two main strategies have been followed over the years In the context of single molecular wire conductance measurements the first approach suffers from the necessity of a post-functionalization step to annulate the initially formed polymer precursor to a rigid ribbon 1227whereas the latter approach offers the benefit of generating single atom transistor nature polymer with an inherently low Eg yet maintaining a somewhat single atom transistor nature structure.

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Keeping the Eg of the molecular wire finite is beneficial to maintain its chemical stability, which is typically lowered by oxidation because of decreasing ionization potentials, that is, high-lying HOMO levels. Note that at zero band gap a high conductance has been determined in statistical measurements Moreover, the conductance values are potentially shifted single atom transistor nature undesired charge carriers because of light from the microscope set-up Here we show that on-surface polymerization can be used to generate flexible molecular partnersuche kelheim, composed of alternating donor and acceptor units, which despite the lack of electronic delocalization along the chain and a non-zero Eg exhibit a high conductance around the Single atom transistor nature level in single-molecule transport measurements.

Results On-surface polymerization The target polymer structure was inspired by recent lines of work on alternating donor—acceptor polymers in the context of organic solar cells 25 In particular, the combination of alternating single atom transistor nature donors and benzobis 1,2,5-thiadiazole acceptor units, which in addition facilitate the formation of quinoid structures, has proven to lower the HOMO—LUMO gaps far below 1 eV ref.

Heorhii Bohuslavskyi This thesis studies cryogenic electronics and quantum dots on silicon-on-insulator SOI for quantum computing.

Very recently, Fasel and co-workers 35 have used on-surface synthesis to prepare a molecular chain with a random mixture of undoped and doped graphene nanoribbon sections, single atom transistor nature creating characteristic electronic transitions between them in analogy to p—n junctions. However, to obtain a well-defined alternation of donor and acceptor units, on-surface polymerization involving step growth via dehalogenative Ullmann-type coupling reactions requires the integration of both donor and acceptor units into one symmetrical monomer structure carrying two reactive halide termini and hence we prepared bis 5-bromothienyl -benzobis 1,2,5-thiadiazole as the Br-DAD-Br monomer Fig.

The abbreviation DAD stems from the alternation of donor D and acceptor A groups, namely an acceptor central benzobis thiadiazole unit carrying two lateral donor thiophene rings.

A current-driven single-atom memory. In: Nature Nanotechnology. ISSN Available under: doi: The key elements in electronic circuits are switches, usually realized by transistors, which can be configured to perform memory operations.

Figure 1: DAD molecules and polymers on an Au surface. Set point: 0.

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Note that the position of the sulfur atoms at the outer thiophene rings is estimated single atom transistor nature the superimposed chemical structure while that of the inner ones is deduced from the oligomer geometry Supplementary Fig. From their unique appearance in combination with image calculations Supplementary Figs 3 and 4we can assign the different features to chemical groups within individual DAD molecules.

The Br substituents cause the bright protrusions at the termini, while the outer molecular sites across the elongated direction are associated with the thiadiazole groups.

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Interestingly, we find not only linear chains of different lengths that are characteristic for this process Fig.