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Single server queuing simulation

Open Model Overview This example shows how to model a single-queue single-server system that has a Poisson arrival process and a server with constant service time. The queue has an infinite storage single server queuing simulation.

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Structure The model includes the components listed below: Entity Generator block: Models a Poisson arrival process by generating entities also known as "customers" in queuing theory. Simulink Function exponentialArrivalTime : Returns data representing the interarrival times for the generated entities.

Queuing lesson 1 - Types of queues, definitions

The interarrival time of a Poisson arrival process is an exponential random variable. Results and Displays The model includes these visual ways to understand its performance: A scope showing the average waiting time of entities customers in the queue at over the course of the simulation. Theoretical Results According to queuing theory, the mean waiting time in the single server queuing simulation equals where is the arrival rate and is the service rate.

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Experimenting with the Model Move the Arrival Rate Gain knob during the simulation and observe the change in the average waiting time. Related Examples.

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