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The project seeks to do so by: a refining and deepening knowledge on the European foundations of justice - both historically based and contemporarily envisaged; b enhancing awareness of mechanisms that impede the realisation of justice ideals as they are lived in contemporary Europe; c advancing the understanding of the process of drawing and re-drawing of the single fraud investigation service roll out of justice fault lines ; and d providing guidance to politicians, policy makers, activists and other stakeholders on how to design and implement single fraud investigation service roll out to reverse inequalities and prevent injustice.

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This experience is embedded in legal, political, moral, social, economic and cultural institutions that claim to be geared toward giving members of society their due. In the ETHOS project, justice is studied as an interdependent relationship between the ideal of justice and its manifestation — as set out in the complex institutions of contemporary European societies.

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The relationship between the normative and practical, the formal and informal, is acknowledged and critically assessed through a multi-disciplinary approach.

To enhance the formulation of an empirically based theory of justice and fairness, ETHOS will explore the normative ideal underpinnings of justice and its practical realisation in four heuristically defined domains of justice - social justice, economic justice, political justice, and civil and symbolic justice.

These domains are revealed in several spheres: a philosophical single fraud investigation service roll out political tradition; b legal framework; d current public single fraud investigation service roll out and e the accounts of vulnerable populations in six European countries Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey and the UK.

The question of drawing boundaries and redrawing the fault-lines of justice permeates the entire investigation. Utrecht University in the Netherlands coordinates the project, and works together with five other research institutions. The research project lasts from January to December As part of ETHOS Work Package 5 on justice as lived experience, this report explores what people understand to be the relation between means- tested working-age benefits and social justice.

Its focus is on the impact of welfare retrenchment on three subordinated social categories: disabled persons, foreign nationals and young mothers.

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The research is based on documentary legal and policy analysis, secondary quantitative data, a literature review on political and media discourses of deservingness, as well as one interview and three focus groups with benefit claimants, activists and caseworkers. Each encounter lasted between 30 minutes and two hours.

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All interviews were recorded, transcribed and, where necessary, translated into English. Findings reveal an influential media and political discourse holding that insufficient motivation to work and other individual factors are to single fraud investigation service roll out for poverty.

Under the rule of Conservative-led Governments, this rhetoric provided a cover of legitimacy to coercive anteil single frauen deutschland purporting to single fraud investigation service roll out employment more attractive than claiming benefits and instill work-related behaviour.

By effect or by design, these impacts have exacerbated the subordination of disabled persons, foreign nationals and young mothers.

Working for benefits: Deservingness and discrimination in the British social security system

Wo frauen kennenlernen stuttgart disabled claimants have faced reduced allowances on the highly contested assumption that they would be able to participate in paid employment. Due to the scarcity of affordable childcare, single parents of young children, the vast single fraud investigation service roll out of whom are women, have born the brunt of work-related conditionality.

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Interviews suggest that some of these impacts are more likely than others to be perceived as flagrant injustices. While migrants have proven willing to accept a degree of less favourable treatment, sometimes by comparing the inadequate support received in their countries of origin, gendered ideals of work and childcare have contributed to stronger opposition toward austerity measures targeting young mothers. While sowing division and arousing interpersonal frustrations, benefit cutbacks have also sparked transformative forms of mobilisation.

Non-discrimination provisions have provided a legal basis on which to challenge austerity, and specialist charities have been joined by statutory bodies in their support for claimants.

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International human rights bodies have played an active role in legitimating these cases by condemning in unusually strong terms the negative effects of benefit restrictions. Driven by an ideal of needs-based social assistance that furthers the interests of precariously employed workers, these alliances may become fertile ground for a renewed politics of social security.