Helicopter EC155

Single engine 6 passenger plane


    Flight performance and flight planning General aviation knowledge Navigation Individual lesson times can be offered.

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    Thus, the training period can be better staggered and used more efficiently. Practical Training You can start your pilot training everytime.

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    The training takes place on various type of aircraft Katana DA20, as well as on request a Cessna C These aircraft are known as the most proven, best and safest trainer aircraft worldwide. Furthermore, a Piper PA28, as well as a Dimona are available for training purposes.

    After about 10 hours flying time, the first solo flight takes place.

    • It was a WW1 British biplane that was dismantled in England and taken by ship to Mauritius where it was reassembled.
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    You will never forget this incredible feeling of flying alone without a flight instructor. Parallel to the practical training, lessons are for the radiocommunication certificate are given.

    Through special learning programs, you can do the training individually at home. Further milestones of the training are: Alpine and altitude training, nm triangle, land at airports such as: Salzburg.

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    The training is completed with a practical exam. FCL with which you single engine 6 passenger plane fly through the air without restriction.

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    • Charter Your Heli at Avito Aviation Helicopter Charter Worldwide A helicopter is especially suitable for short-range transport, point-to-point connections as well as sightseeing or scenic flights.
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    • Life[ edit ] He was born on 12 July in Mostar Herzegovinawhere he finished elementary school four grades and junior high school.
    • Entwicklung The Cessna is a four- or six-seat, fixed conventional gear general aviation airplane which was produced between and

    BFZ national radio certificate only in German language for private pilots, limited to the German-speaking airspace. EFZ international radio document for visual flight in German and English for private pilots in international airspace.

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    AFZ unrestricted International Radio Service Certificate in German and English for private and professional pilots with instrument rating in international airspace. All radio certificates are offered at our flight school.

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    A radio license is required to obtain a private pilot license and will be completed in the course of theoretical training. Latest Infoflyer german ppl-course Kick-off Our flight instructors will be happy to answer any bekanntschaft italienisch. You can get a first impression of our flight school and our planes.

    The successful test flight of the C comes only nine days after the country debuted its first homegrown aircraft carrier in Dalian, Liaoning province, showing the world its manufacturing prowess, development of advanced technology and national ambition to regain past glory. The C's debut flight is a complete success," said Cai Jun, captain of the flight. In a letter of congratulation to the C project, the State Council said: "The successful maiden flight of the C marks a milestone for China's aviation industry.