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As the US justice department acknowledges many of these cases are driven by the need to survive and it's the health of the children that concerns me more. If international pressure convinces the Cambodian government to seriously crack down on prostitution as things are right now it will mean more of the people's money will be used for that which means even more of the poverty that caused the problem to begin with.

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If such a crack down really does end prostitution it will be because the victims died of starvation instead. This is by no means an argument in favor of prostitution.

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It's still exploitation of a vulnerable population, regardless of the age of the sex worker, its just that the problem of children literally dying of hunger seems like a much larger problem. I read their report to the UN and it seems like they have been starting t step frauen in kambodscha kennenlernen enforcement, but as I single kaltenkirchen it has been well rounded focusing on all issues equally. What good does it do to arrest a guy walking up to a sex worker if she needs to work to eat that night?

In the end the exploitation will still occur. If they stop all persons from ever walking up to her and never give her another job she will die and, sadly, the world won't care about that nearly as much as they care who she has sex with.

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Instead they should focus entirely on the human trafficking aspect since that's the group most likely to benefit from a crack down. Police corruption go hand in hand with this as well.

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If we, as a global community, actually want to see this problem end we should establish a global fund for solving underlying economic problems. We in the western world may not be too affected, but there is a global food shortage so if we can just solve that one problem - if we can just make sure there is enough healthy food for everyone - I believe social frauen in kambodscha kennenlernen of exploitation can be solved next.

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Until then though, or until we at least make a token effort to improve the lives of victims even a little, there's nothing we or their government can do that will be frauen in kambodscha kennenlernen to stop it. Sorry for being a bit long winded about this, but too often I see people neglecting to frauen in kambodscha kennenlernen how important the underlying issues are to the overlying problem, and very few people even want to acknowledge what is really at stake.

InSpurred - Not just poverty.

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Eliander I don't disagree with you about the poverty but this could be greatly alleviated if the Kleptocrats could be dealt with first. The UK refused to pay and threatened to withdraw the gift.

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The Cam officials relented and the goods were landed. They were then immediately sold to neighbouring Burma and the assumption is that the corrupt gov officials pocketed the money.

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Take at look at Lexus ownership and you will will several thousand cars costing the equivalent of 50 years wages to the average Khmer, and great big chunks of this are funded by foreign aid, particularly from the EU and US. There is no doubt that there is a paedo tourist problem.

In recent frauen in kambodscha kennenlernen typically there have been frauen in kambodscha kennenlernen the region of prosecutions of foreign paedos, and in just about every case, every NGO claims that they were the people who helped bring this man to justice.

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